Ongoing training is one of the pillars of MAIE culture as updating skills, classroom courses and on-field practice are essential moments in the growth process of every operator. 

Through our partner FISMIC CONFSAL, of which we are an accredited training center:

  • we deliver qualification training courses in accordance with the requirements set forth by the Agreement of 22/02/2012, with issuance of a qualification certificate upon passing the specific tests, for the following types of machines:
    – hydraulic crawler and wheel excavator
    – center mount loader
    – backhoe loader
    – self-propelled truck-mounted mobile crane with fixed jib
    – self-propelled, driver-operated, industrial-type rotary forklifts with telescopic boom
    – truck mounted crane
    – mobile elevating work platforms (EWPs)
  • we guarantee that training courses are carried out within our facilities by providing adequate teaching spaces such as classrooms and testing grounds;
  • for each individual training course, we make available a wide range of machinery essential for the preparation and implementation of the practical modules of the training courses
  • we ensure the traceability of documentation over time to prove the type of course followed (records and minutes of courses, results of tests carried out, copies of certificates obtained)
  • we check the eligibility of participating companies to benefit from funding provided by the Inter-professional Joint Funds to cover up to 100 percent of costs.


MAIE also collaborates with accredited institutional training providers such as the circuit of Provincial Building Schools (Ravenna, Rimini, Bologna, etc.).

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